Saitou (death_tousall) wrote,

Writer's Block: Do you see psychics in your future?

Why would I trust a psychic's prediction? My mother went to a psychic once. She was young and all her friends wanted to go, so she went with them just to have some fun nothing more. The psychic told her that she would marry an Arab prince. Is my father an Arab? No! Is he an prince? No again.

Along with that, there are so many phonies out there that its hard to tell who is seeing the future and who wants your money. I think that psychics that ask for money are fakes, those that do it because that see something that they feel like they can change something, then I might think about it.

I'm not that type of person that all predictions are true. Some maybe, but I think I make my own path, and the only one that can change it is God. No man will tell me other wise.
Tags: writer's block
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