Saitou (death_tousall) wrote,

Writer's Block: On the (Job) Hunt

I think the most hard part about job hunting is the interview. It's hard trying to give them the right persona or the image they need, plus a little bit of your attitude mixed in to it, but not to much. But there is another part that annoyed me. I was trying to get a job over at the post office and they had this standardize testing program that everyone had to take.  Most standard testing has it where you chose one, what would you do, if you had this about with this about what would it be, blah blah. But the post office, I felt like I was back taking the  ACTs, SATs, and other tests of that sort. I froze. I knew I did. Math and Reading I did well on, but the Spelling and the Grammar part, heheh. I boomed that! I couldn't remember anything. normally I'm not that bad at spelling or grammar, but pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis come on. I had to have a dictionary to spell that. Yes that is a real word look it up!
Tags: job hunt obstacle, monster, monster jobs, writer's block
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