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Nothing is the same

Well, becoming a mother of two, having little to no free time is interesting. I love my little family. Noah has gotten so big and we have Billy (William) now he will be 1 year of age here in December.

I think people forget to prepare you for motherhood when you are younger. Tell me, other then sex ed, what did our teachers "teach" us about parenting. I always got it come natural, and you will know what to do when time comes. I feel sorry for our kids when we are trying to get things right. You try to get a stubborn two year old to brush his teeth and put him to bed when he doesn't want to do anything of the sort. Blah! After they go to be you really want a cup of tea after that. I have tried everything in the book, but nothing some seems to work. I hope when he turns three i pray it gets a little better. Well at lest he can communicate with me to tell me what is wrong.

I know I'm going to miss my babies as I go back to work. I have been home for almost a year now and I'm not us to the idea of me going back to work, but our family needs me to go back to work to help make ends meet.
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